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boothBEVERLY FACTOR'S SEADUCTION EXHIBIT at the Prestigious Festival of Arts

Sea the SEADUCTION exhibit of fine art of The Sensuous Side of the Sea

Visit my Booth at the Festival of Arts and enjoy the music, food, and 140 other fine art exhibitors!  Contact me for free tickets!

Festival of Arts - 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach 92651 (where the Pageant is)


SEADUCTION The Sensuous Side of the Sea,is a stunning collection of photographs that captures the abstract side of sea life which explode with color, texture and usual excitement!  There is nothing like it!  The images are so otherworldly that they capture one's attention immediately.  Nature's complexity is front and center in these incredible images of various underwater creatures that invite multiple viewings and interpretation. 

Beverly's seductive images portray the ocean's magical world in intimate close-ups, featuring outrageous color combinations, mysterious patterns, textures, and sensual movements.  

With a foreword by Jean-Michel Cousteau and endorsements by Oceana, Wyland, and Greg MacGillivray of Imax Films, this 176 page 12" x 12" hard cover coffee table book is a must have and will transform the way you look at the world beneath the sea!

Visit the Underwater store and order your signed copy today!


awardThe SSI Platinum Pro5000 Diver card is the calling card of the world’s most elite water explorers. The list of cardholders is a “who’s who” of diving, containing the world’s most prominent dive leaders, scientists, photographers, manufacturers, retailers, and resort operators. 

What makes the SSI Platinum Pro5000 Diver award so special is that it’s all about diving. The unsung dive master on any island and Jacques Cousteau earned their cards the same way—by diving 5,000 times.  

Let’s put 5,000 dives into perspective. It takes 500 dives a year for 10 years, or 100 dives a year for 50 years! That’s a lifetime of dedication and commitment to the sport.

ANGELEE SAVES THE SEA- Beverly’s NEW children’s book, Angelee Saves the Sea, has now won 3 awards! !
07/01/11 Laguna Beach, CA

Angelee Saves the Sea children’s book is the adventure story of Angelee the Angel Fish who saves the sea from pollution and destruction! Illustrated with all Beverly underwater photography, this 11” x 9” hard cover book contains 40 full color glossy pages of high resolution photographs and includes a glossary of informative fish facts. Endorsed by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ted Danson, Greg MacGillivray - IMAX Theatre Filmmaker, Wyland and Oceana. Recommended for ages 5-12 or younger.

Visit the underwater store and order your signed copy today!!


Visit my SAILING WEBSITE and see some great sailboat racing pictures from various races. Sailing Website: Check out all the latest coffee table sailing books and view all the racing pictures. Just follow the links and enjoy!



Beverly was honored to be invited at OCEANA’s SEACHANGE Summer Party where she chatted with Morgan Freeman, Ted Danson, and Pierce Brosnan.

Morgan Freeman

Jim Simon-VP, Oceana

Pierce Brosnan,Oceana

Ted Danson, Oceana

Sylvia Earle

Ted Danson, Oceana

Victor Mark Hanson


Harrison Ford, Oceana

Jeff Goldblum, Oceana